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Antiviruskit software gives the effective protection against Viruses, Adware, Backdoors, Dialers, Trojans, Worms and Spyware. It is the finest software for 100% protection of your computer.

Antiviruskit software is highly acclaimed in Germany over the last three years. It gives complete detection, cure and protection to your PC. It has ability to clean different types of partition table, file, boot sector and macro viruses. It also provides the best protection against unknown viruses and quickest reaction to new virus attacks.

The installation process of this antivirus software is simple so you can install it easily and it doesn't need to restart the system after the installation. It has so many features like more efficient virus detection, Faster, more frequent virus updates, outbreaks, security bulletins, Password protection for all AVK settings, Total security, Extensive virus encyclopedia and many more. It requires Pentium 256 MB RAM, Win XP or 2000, Internet access and KAV Engine.

  • The Antiviruskit border is attractive and simple, ideal for even trainee users. And it's packed full of customize selection, so even the most advanced users will be satisfied. I am impressed by it.

  • Wow.. Really I am very glad with this software. It is helpful for our pc, computer and laptop. I have purchased this software and I think I should have to pay more for this great software because it gives totally protection to my computer.

  • I am using this software with no trouble. This is a comprehensive product for me and my pc. Before it I have face many problems but presently my computer fully secured. Thanks a lot!!!!! ;)

  • I am so thankful to my friend who told me about the Antiviruskit software. It is the best for protection of computer. Its scanning speed is excellent. I have never seen such nice software.

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