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AVG Antivirus software is a famous antivirus protection tool. It is one of the most downloaded software. It is Compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

AVG Antivirus is a comprehensive protection for your computer. It has most common functions available. Home users can have this product at free of cost. It has a high-level of detection capability that millions of users around the globe trust and install this software in their computer to protect their PCs. Its installation and using process is so simple and it is not like any other software that effects on speed of the computer. It has so many features and advantages including Automatic update, Resident Shield, E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail, On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to perform scheduled and manual tests and many more.

  • AVG Anti-Virus is one of the best antivirus software I am much impressed by it. It gives good protection and security to the computer so it is the best thing of this antivirus software.

  • This is the advanced antivirus in this world and I think outer shell is most of the common functions available in modern antivirus programs; this product is very easy to install-no problems.

  • I have been using the AVG anti virus software since 2 years it came with my computer pre installed. It is so nice that till now I am using the same software for protection of my computer against viruses.

  • Oh!!! Mind blowing!!! The AVG antivirus is superb software that protects the computer against viruses. When my cousin purchased a new laptop I suggested him the AVG antivirus to install in it because it is the finest solution for viruses.

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